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May 9 · 8 min read

The Influencer Hub: How Advertisers Can Increase Brand Reach and ROI

Commission Factory's Influencer Hub allows advertisers to scale their influencer partnerships and increase customer reach through an intuitive directory.

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Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important to many advertisers - and for a good reason. As more consumers spend their time and money online, influencers have become a big source of entertainment, inspiration, and trust among social media users.

Research by Shopify shows that 61% of people trust influencer recommendations, while the return on investment on an influencer post can be up to 11 times more effective than a banner ad.

As the era of third-party cookies ends and ad-blocking software usage rises, collaborating with influencers and social media creators emerges as a powerful strategy for brands to break through the clutter and engage directly with their target audience.

To enhance brand-influencer collaborations, Commission Factory is thrilled to introduce a new addition to our platform: the Influencer Hub. This feature streamlines influencer discovery by empowering brands to seamlessly find, engage with, and collaborate with influential and authentic creators across various niches.

We know that influencer marketing is a big part of marketing today, playing a vital role for advertisers in achieving their brand awareness, revenue and engagement goals. This new platform addition aims to help marketers spend less time searching and more time building their partnerships and strategies.


What is the Influencer Hub?

The Influencer Hub is a visual directory for advertisers to view all influencers and content creators on Commission Factory. Digital marketers can use this tool to streamline discovery and partner with any influencer and content creator on the platform.

The Influencer Hub makes finding influencers incredibly easy. Essential information about each influencer is displayed intuitively on a user-friendly dashboard. Advertisers can view insightful details on each content creator, such as their audience demographics and size per platform, their latest posts across different social channels, existing advertiser connections, and more. 

This new tool also allows brands to filter through influencers based on pre-set requirements through advanced search and filtering options. This ensures they are only viewing individuals who are right for their brand. Advertisers can then easily begin communicating with any content creator they see in the hub.  

Commission Factory advertisers are already equipped with various platform tools and reporting features to support them and boost their ROI, such as Custom Reports, Cross-Channel Attribution, and Placements Marketplace. The Influencer Hub is another partnerships-enhancing tool they can use to stay ahead of the competition.


Five Ways Brands Benefit from the Influencer Hub

The Influencer Hub streamlines the influencer discovery process, allowing brands to improve their digital marketing campaigns holistically. Here's what advertisers can get out of this new feature.

1. Search for influencers in less time

Marketers often spend too much time manually searching and filtering through influencers and content creators on social media, which can be better spent elsewhere. The Influencer Hub simplifies this process through its comprehensive directory and filtering capabilities – giving marketers all the information they need without searching in multiple places.

Additionally, it simplifies initiating and managing influencer collaborations through a Message Centre, which advertisers can use to communicate directly with their content creators, saving time and improving efficiency.

2. Unparalleled influencer insights

The Influencer Hub provides all-you-need insights into an influencer, helping brands make informed decisions during selection. Through the hub, marketers can gauge the performance of a selected content creator and assess if they are suitable for their marketing campaigns.  

Brands can also use the information to prepare before communicating and negotiating with the influencer. It helps them ask the right questions at the start and begin the next steps of their partnership with more clarity.

3. Connect with the right influencers

Advertisers should always choose content creators that align with their brand values and target audience. A synergistic influencer partnership helps brands improve customer trust and increase their reach to the right audience.

The Influencer Hub is a useful tool that helps advertisers find creators who offer authentic and meaningful partnerships based on their specific brand and campaign requirements. This is especially critical for brands partnering with multiple influencers and want to maintain a consistent brand identity for each influencer partnership. 

4. Improve brand reach

By connecting with influencers with the right audience size, brands can expand their reach to new and engaged audiences in a more controlled and strategic manner. Nano and micro-influencers are highly effective for many advertisers compared to mega-influencers because of their engaged and loyal audience. Thus, identifying these influencers' reach and understanding how they will work for advertisers is the first step to effective consumer outreach.

The Influencer Hub allows advertisers to search through influencers with an engaged following and understand their uniqueness. This allows them to form partnerships that not only amplify their brand visibility and reach but also enhance their credibility.

5. Better ROI

By effectively streamlining the influencer marketing selection process through the Influencer Hub, advertisers can improve their work with influencers, leading to more cost-effective campaigns and better return on investment (ROI).

It also ensures minimal wastage on lacklustre influencer campaigns. Instead, advertisers are empowered with the information they need to optimise their influencer marketing campaigns from the start.


Using The Influencer Hub Effectively: Our Top Tips

To fully utilise the potential of Commission Factory's Influencer Hub, consider these tips below:

  • Define your campaign goals (KPIs) and what you hope to achieve out of working with the influencer
  • Know which social media channels you will use for your influencer marketing campaign and identify experienced influencers on these channels.
  • Understand which content formats resonate with your audience and work with an influencer that's experienced in that format.
  • Before beginning your influencer search, be clear about your target audience, brand tone, and budget. This will help you focus on the type of influencers you need for your campaign.
  • Consider working with micro and nano influencers to tap into a more engaged following. While big influencers may have huge follower numbers, they may not provide the desired conversion.
  • Shortlist the content creators you want to engage with and filter through them to ensure they are appropriate for your campaign.
  • When reaching out to your influencer, give as much detail as possible about your campaign and how they fit into it.
  • Be responsive to influencer messages on the Message Centre, and remember to turn on email and notifications on the Commission Factory platform.

With the growing importance of influencer marketing, Commission Factory’s Influencer Hub is set to revolutionise how brands and influencers work together and create a process that improves influencer marketing as a whole. Advertisers in Commission Factory can enjoy this incredible feature on the platform today.  

Not an advertiser at Commission Factory? Speak to the team today and discover how Commission Factory can connect you with content creators and affiliates and grow your business. 

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