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Aug 9, 2021 · 7 min read

Five Ways Custom Reports Can Elevate Your Business Strategy

As part of our Discovery Series, we look at how deep data can empower advertisers and publishers' decisions and strategies with Commission Factory's custom reports. 

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Promising businesses are built on passion and hard work.  Still, long-term success comes from truly understanding the market, being cost-savvy, cultivating revenue streams, and equipping teams with the right tools to measure success. 

Commission Factory has created an ecosystem of products that work together to create a holistic affiliate marketing solution, with custom reports championing the success of many affiliates, advertisers and agencies that use our platform. Our custom reporting tool allows users to build unique reports based on metrics and dimensions, according to their needs.  

We look at the five reasons why every business should take advantage of Commission Factory's custom reporting solution to ensure a successful and robust marketing strategy.   

Save Time with Automation 

The common problem with reporting is the resources, tools, and time it takes to collect meaningful data and then further analyse it. We developed our custom reporting tool with time efficiency in mind. Our clients (advertisers, agencies & publishers) can easily extract and analyse data without needing any other tools or external resources. With its user-friendly interface and unmatched reporting capabilities, we have equipped our users with everything they need to create substantial, sleek reports, all within the Commission Factory ecosystem. 

Navigate Digital, an agency using our platform to accelerate client success, saves valuable time for their team and the client using custom reporting: 

“The ability to customise and schedule custom reports means that we can receive the right data, in the right format, and at the right time to help us provide valuable insights to our clients.” 

Dig Deeper into Data to Form a Winning Affiliate Strategy 

For advertisers and publishers, determining what works and what doesn’t, can often be difficult and costly. Custom reports allow both to stay on top of their strategy in real-time, meaning our clients can always ensure they have their finger on the pulse. With customisable metrics tailored to their needs, we provide every tool required to strategise and plan a successful affiliate program or campaign. 

Stay at Home Mum, an affiliate on Commission Factory, uses custom reporting to understand more about their partnership success, saying: 

Custom reporting shows me the links that are converting the best and the items that are selling. In one snapshot, I can see what content I need to focus on, or more importantly - steer clear of. There is nothing meaner than to spend hours of my time creating content that doesn't convert. So, this tool is essentially saving me time and making money.”  

Measure Success Your Way 

We understand that every business is different, so we have made sure our platform is tailored to suit the needs of everyone, and reporting is no exception. Customise, build, and export data that you can present in a way that makes sense for you and your business. 

While our standard reports are great for a high-level understanding of specific metrics, custom reporting is a necessary tool for those who want to learn more about the success of their program. 

With over 20 brands in their portfolio, Accent Group uses the custom reporting functionality to measure success of their affiliate program, 

“The custom reporting functionality on the Commission Factory platform has become a fundamental tool for collating complex data sets in an easy and concise way for the Accent Group brands. 


It gives Accent Group the ability to collate metrics for all the brands that fall under our portfolio in one report…as opposed to going into each program and pulling reports one by one which can be a long process.” 

Accelerate Team Productivity 

Whether a team of two or a fully-fledged team dedicated to performance marketing, it can sometimes be tiresome and challenging to keep everyone on the same page. Publishers and advertisers can automate, schedule and send custom reports to all team members with a Commission Factory login, meaning everyone has access to the business’s curated data.  

Aligned with this, Accent Group uses custom reporting to save time and increase business efficiency, saying,  

“Custom reports are scheduled to be sent directly to the relevant stakeholders at Accent group, therefore, no further action is required… In summary, custom reporting has improved work efficiencies incredibly and has saved hours of work!” 

Pivot Marketing Efforts 

Being agile is extremely important for businesses trying to keep up with a fast-paced industry, so having access to on-demand, vital data that drives business decisions is a must.  

Navigate Digital demonstrated how easy our custom reports are to build and manage to ensure client success, saying:  

“The great thing about the custom reporting tool is that it can be used to inform decisions in a number of different areas, and we find ourselves setting up a different report for each client’s need."  

Custom reporting is a crucial part of decision-making, as it captures any piece of information necessary for defining the next steps of your marketing efforts. Depending on the needs of a business, Commission Factory's custom reports are the bread and butter of presenting any budget allocation to stakeholders, giving businesses the freedom and tools to build a strong business case in a way that suits them.  

For more information, contact us or reach out to your Commission Factory contact.   

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