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Nov 18, 2020 · 12 min read

Affiliate & Partnerships Uncovered: Lessons Learnt In 2020

The IAB Affiliate Working Group Webinar Affiliate and Partnerships Uncovered: Lessons Learnt in 2020 looks back at 2020 from both an advertiser’s and publisher’s point of view and at what the future holds.  

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Affiliate and Partnership Marketing Overview 

The webinar looks at the trends and the massive growth Australia has seen over the last couple of years in terms of affiliate marketing adoption, as well as some of the differences in the channel such as influencer and brand to brand partners, affiliates and partnerships diversification and advancements in technology. More is included in the 2020 IAB Handbook. The webinar also looks at some of the challenges the affiliate industry faces and what to expect for 2021.  

Advertiser Panel: How are Marketers Using Affiliate and Partnership Marketing? 

In the first panel, advertisers from different sectors (travel, fashion and online streaming) share their experiences this year and how they are using affiliate and partnership marketing as part of their overall marketing mix. The performance of their affiliate programs for their brands is also discussed. The advertiser panel also delve into some of the different challenges resulting from the pandemic and the lessons they have learnt over the last six months.  

Affiliate Panel: Integrating an Affiliate Revenue Stream into a Publishing Business 

The second panel looks at the publishers experience from content to cashback. They also look at the travel affiliates and the different trends and consumer behaviour they have seen over the last six months, including a broad mix of advertisers engaging with affiliate and partnership marketing. The panel shares tips on the best ways to bring value to audienceand their predictions on what trends and changes from this year will remain and continue into 2021.  

You can watch the full webinar below. 


IAB Affiliate Working Group 

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Australia is a third-party global body that operates channel-specific working groups to develop content and best practices. The affiliate working group is made up of five companies across the industry. Commission Factory is proud to be part of the IAB Affiliate Working Group for the third year in a row. The affiliate working groups aim to raise awareness around the affiliate industry, bring insights and industry reports to the wider digital community, and tackle the industry challenges. 

In 2020, the affiliate working group have released: - 

IAB Australia Affiliate Marketing Survey  

The IAB Affiliate Working group have released the 2020 IAB Affiliate Survey, the results from that survey will help shape the 2021 Affiliate Industry Report. All agencies and advertisers are welcome to take part in the survey, whether the company has a mature affiliate program or they are new to the channel, everyone's response counts. Finally, for every response, IAB will donate $5 to UnLtd., a charity that helps at-risk children and young people. 

“In light of the challenging times that many companies are facing, the IAB affiliate working group wanted to showcase some of the ways in which businesses are adapting to the new normal. Affiliate & partnerships has become an important channel for marketers due to its creative nature, as well as the transparency and accountability that it provides.”

David Glasgow, Director, Navigate Digital | Chair, IAB Australia Affiliate Working Group

Take the survey - The survey will close on the 29th November 2020. 

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