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Jul 22, 2011 · 7 min read

Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day by Geno Prussakov

The go-to affiliate marketing handbook for any affiliate account manager is here and regarded as the industry standard and textbook.

We are definitely the type of company that believe in giving credit where credit is due, hence we are presenting to you “Affiliate Program Management” by Geno Prussakov — the definitive guide to running a successful affiliate program and sure to be the “Bible” of affiliate management for years to come. Before I continue please let me state that this review is not funded by the author in any way and is a personal opinion and a valid recommendation for a product I have truly enjoyed.

Now when I originally sat down to read this book I had wondered that even though it was only just released — “would it be outdated already?”, as generally tends to happen in the affiliate industry and most will know it is an occupation that doesn’t stay still for long and everything can change in a day, making most books on the subject outdated or obsolete very quickly. I am certainly not a non-fiction reader, in fact they bore the hell out of me within the first 20 pages, with Geno’s insightful book I found myself cramming the knowledge as fast as I could and turning the pages (well I had the iPad Kindle version so tapping to the next page would be more accurate) with enthusiasm.

“Affiliate Program Management” is an entire course presented in an easy to read structure and written in such a way as to be comprehended by even the newly initiated in the affiliate industry. Geno has taken his years of award-winning experience and given program managers the world over something that could take their career to whole new levels by following his instructions and implementing his strategies into their client’s campaigns. Even the most experienced managers can learn something from the comprehensive step-by-step process of research, launch, manage, and growing a successful online affiliate marketing program.

Whilst the subjects covered are aimed at merchants/advertisers or their respective program managers, affiliates too can learn a lot and gain some insight into what it takes to effectively run a campaign. Being in the know will also allow affiliates to keep on top of their merchants and offer them invaluable insight to running their program more effectively. Not only could this put you in their good books but might also find you are rewarded a little more frequently and considered a company asset.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to do crucial pre-launch research on various payment models, your competition, and how best to set up tracking, reporting, and data feeds
  • Set up competitive affiliate program terms
  • Launch the program and recruit affiliates into it
  • Understand the importance of an individualized approach to affiliates, and learn how to market to the marketers
  • Use KPIs, metrics, competitive intelligence, and split testing to optimize performance
  • Avoid the deadliest affiliate management mistakes and such pitfalls as cookie overwriting, trademark violation, and others
  • Essential hints, tips, and techniques for everyone from one-person shops to Fortune 500 companies
  • Twenty-five ready-made affiliate program promotion ideas
  • Real-world case studies that illustrate successes to learn from and mistakes to avoid

To purchase Geno’s book please CLICK HERE to be directed to the Amazon store.

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