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Dec 27, 2023 · 14 min read

Singapore Gaming Industry - Stats, Trends & Demographics

Singapore is home to some of the most avid gamers in the world. It is, therefore, no surprise that Singapore’s gaming industry is thriving.

Singapore Gaming Industry - Stats, Trends & Demographics

In fact, Singaporean gaming industry is driving the nation’s digital economy, growing at a faster rate than eCommerce and online services.1 

In 2023, the market for video games,2 which are among Singapore’s best-selling products,3 is projected to hit $288.49 million, before climbing to $531.10 million by 2028. Singaporean Minister of State for Trade and Industry Alvin Tan has said the city-state has the potential to become a hub for gaming and esports in Asia, where 45% of the world’s gamers live.4 Almost a third of Singapore’s population class themselves as gamers,5 making the country a lucrative market for global studios.

Some of the factors fuelling the gaming industry’s growth include government support, talent development, investment in the gaming landscape, encouraging startup ecosystem, and infrastructure development.6 Singapore has everything, including the talent pool and robust business infrastructure, that is needed to make it a leading destination for gaming.

And the government’s commitment to investing in talent development and growing businesses in the gaming and eSports industry will further solidify the country’s position in the south-east region.7

Join us as we explore Singapore’s gaming landscape to get a better understanding of the industry and its associated statistics, trends, and demographics. 

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Singapore Gaming Industry Statistics 

In recent years, Singapore’s gaming industry has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive South-East Asian region. It is seen as a regional gaming hub, which is why major players, such as Ubisoft, Riot Games, and Bandai Namco, have set up their operational bases in the city-state.8

Statistics suggest that the gaming market in Singapore is going to witness further growth.   

  • Singapore’s gaming industry is projected to show an annual growth rate of 12.99% (CAGR: 2023-2028).2
  • In 2023, user penetration is estimated to be around 15.6%, growing to around 18% by 2028. 
  • In 2023, for the video games market, the average revenue per user (ARPU) is estimated at $3,080.
  • There are about 220 game developers and publishers in Singapore.9
  • About 67% of gamers watch video game content.5 
  • Consumers prefer digital downloads over physical copies, with the former’s market value estimated at $72.77 million in 2023. 
  • About 68% of Singaporean males said they played online games in April 2022,10  while 59% of Singaporean females said the same

Source: Statista

  • A little over a third of Singaporean females play casual games;11 role-playing games (RPGs) were more popular among men, with 41% saying they played them
  •  spent more than 15 hours a week playing video games

One of Singapore’s eCommerce market trends is that most shoppers use smartphones to make online purchases.12 Likewise, a majority of gamers in Singapore prefer to play video games on their smartphones. In 2022, 67.6% of Singapore’s internet users played video games on their smartphones.13

The country’s high smartphone penetration rate is driving the growth of mobile gaming. And Singapore’s rapid adoption of 5G has enabled gamers to enjoy an immersive, seamless gaming experience on their mobile devices.

In addition to the growth of mobile gaming, other Singapore gaming industry trends include: 

Growth of Esports  

Singapore is bullish on eSports.17 The city’s eSports revenue is estimated to reach $8 million in 2023, climbing to $12.7 million in 2028.18

In 2020, the Singapore Games Association was specifically launched to develop the eSports ecosystem, which is helping the country establish itself as a prominent force in the segment.19

The incredible growth of eSports in Singapore has been possible mainly because of its strong digital and business infrastructure. That is also allowing it to host high-profile eSports events, including the inaugural Olympic eSports Week in June 2023.

Impacting Tourism

Singapore’s gaming industry is helping the country attract visitors from different countries. The inaugural Olympic eSports Week saw more than 130 players from around the world participate, while local and international spectators received 20,000 tickets.20

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) believes that the country could become a “top-of-mind” destination for eSports fans around the world,21  prompting it to design a two-day guide for gaming tourists in partnership with star eSports athlete Ho Kun Xian.22

Singapore Gaming Industry Demographics 

While Singapore’s gaming sector continues to be male-dominated, there is now a marked increase in the number of women who play mobile games or console games. Here is some data to help understand the diverse profiles of gamers in Singapore.

Source: YouGov

  • Compared to men, female gamers are more likely to watch video game content.      
  • In Singapore, gamers mostly use smartphones to play video games, with other devices including desktops, laptops, game consoles, and tablets. 
  • About 68% of women play mobile games, compared with 74% of men.23 
  • Women aged 36-50 years account for about 23% of the 3.8 million gamers in Singapore
  • A majority of gamers play online games daily. 
  • More men watch eSports compared to women.24
  • Gen Z and millennials are more interested in watching eSports than Gen X and Boomers.
  • Both video gamers and eSports viewers belong to the high-income group.

Source: Deloitte 

Final Thoughts

For Singapore, video games are no longer simply a male-dominated hobby but a lucrative source of income for the country.

Not only is it creating new forms of employment and consumerism, but it is also supporting the country’s tourism sector. While the industry continues to be dominated by men, the number of female gamers is rising.

Most market research companies forecast a continued upward growth trajectory for Singapore’s gaming industry. 

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