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May 9 · 7 min read

Five Ways Creators Can Create a Standout Profile in the Influencer Hub

With an optimised profile and updated social links, influencers and content creators can open up a multitude of partnership opportunities in Commission Factory’s Influencer Hub. 

Get Noticed on Influencer Hub



Influencers have proven themselves valuable assets for many brands, which is reflected in advertisers' spending on influencer marketing today. According to an IAB report, 44% of advertisers plan to increase their investment on influencers in 2024 – indicating a positive growth for influencer marketing as a whole.

The booming market offers influencers an opportunity to secure valuable partnerships that can build their reputation and ROI. The Influencer Hub in Commission Factory’s platform is an innovative feature that can increase their visibility and give them an advantage in influencer marketing.


Build Collaborative Partnerships with Brands through Commission Factory

Commission Factory’s Influencer Hub is a new platform feature that simplifies influencer discovery for brands, allowing content creators to increase their visibility for prospective advertisers.  

Although the Influencer Hub is only visible to advertisers in the platform, influencers have full control over creating and optimising their profiles in the hub. Getting started is easy, as influencers only need to update and verify all their traffic sources on the platform and upload a profile picture. Commission Factory automatically pulls in the influencer’s essential data for display, such as follower count, recent posts across verified traffic sources, and available placement opportunities.

Once that’s done, influencers can ensure that their profiles reflect the best of themselves and their offerings. Here are some best practices for creating a standout profile in the Influencer Hub.

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How Influencers Can Stand Out in the Influencer Hub

Ensure your links to your social traffic sources are up-to-date

Our platform can intuitively pull recent social posts across all your channels directly into your profile, giving brands an easy, quick snapshot of your content and social media pages. Understanding an influencer's audience, content, and identity plays a crucial role in brands' decision-making processes.Outdated links may hinder brands from accessing your recent social posts, potentially leading them to overlook your profile in favor of another influencer with more up-to-date information.

We have made it easy to see which links need refreshing with our "refresh tokens" - small symbols in your settings that indicate a link may be broken. Simply click the three dots on the side of the relevant traffic source and hit "Reconnect" to follow the instructions to update your links. 

Upload a clear profile picture

A profile picture is the first thing an advertiser sees on the Influencer Hub, so any influencer profile with an uploaded picture can automatically get more attention and engagement. Profiles without a picture are less likely to win collaborations, as the advertiser may not have a clear understanding of the influencer or their legitimacy.

Consider these tips when uploading a profile picture:

  • Influencers should pick a photo that accurately shows how they look currently
  • Use only high-resolution images for the photo
  • The influencer’s face should be clearly visible and ideally take up 60-70% of the frame
  • Influencers should use clothing that reflects their personal style on social media
  • Use filters wisely and avoid heavily filtered images (unless that is on-brand)
  • Recommended picture size: 512 x 512 pixels. 

Write a great profile description

A profile description is a written section that provides more information about the influencer. Advertisers will read bios to identify if the influencer is the right match for their campaigns, so it provides a great opportunity for the influencer to talk about themselves.

This section shouldn’t be too lengthy. Instead, influencers should tell a story about who they are, their passions, the value they provide to brands, and their audience and niche. They should also explain their key goals when working with brands and how they plan to achieve these goals.  

Leverage the media deck option

Humans respond far better to images than words - around 60,000 times faster to be exact. Influencers can utilise the platform’s media deck section to upload helpful imagery and videos for advertisers to view their past work.  

For influencers with more to share with potential brand partners, media decks allows them to dive deeper into their audience demographics, case studies, partnership opportunities, traffic channel data, and more. Remember to display all visuals cleanly and attractively. Influencers uploading slides in the media deck should avoid overcrowding each slide with too many words and pictures.  

Reach out through the platform’s Message Centre

Once their influencer profile is up to date, they can utilise the platform’s built-in Message Centre to reach out directly to brands they love and want to partner with. Influencers can create customised messages that align with their tone of voice for added personalisation.

Consider these best practices when reaching out to advertisers:

  • Tailor each message to suit the advertiser. Avoid ‘cut and paste’ messages, as the advertiser can easily notice this.
  • Open the message with a quick introduction to build credibility and trust
  • Influencers should research the brand before reaching out and highlight how their skills will be valuable for that particular brand
  • Don’t write lengthy messages that describe every achievement. Instead, keep it short and simple, highlighting one or two skills or achievements.
  • End the email with one simple call to action for the advertiser (i.e. get in touch, visit a social media handle)


Key Takeaway

Commission Factory’s Influencer Hub is a great way for influencers to get noticed by advertisers on the platform. With a strong profile to start, influencers can maximise their partnership potential and build long-lasting relationships with brands they love.

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