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Nov 25, 2021 · 6 min read

Case Study: Harris Scarfe and Its Perfectly Aligned Campaign Strategy

A seasoned retailer demonstrates how strategic partnerships, clever EDMs, and an acute understanding of customers can lead to a successful campaign.  

Case study Template (5)Harris Scarfe is no stranger to the Australian retail industry. With 160 years of experience in retail, they offer home and fashion products to price-sensitive buyers. The retailer has long enjoyed a successful partnership with Shopa Docket, an online and offline solution targeting bargain savvy shoppers. Shopa Docket is an Australian coupon affiliate that offers multi-channel distribution to advertisers via printed receipts, 700k email subscribers, 250k app downloads and social media. 


As Harris Scarfe's goal is to provide the best deals to their customers, Shopa Docket's three million shopper base was the key target audience for Harris Scarfe.  The objective was simple – Harris Scarfe wanted to increase its 2020 performance metrics by capitalising on buyers looking for great deals using Shopa Docket during peak sales seasons.  


Harris Scarfe partnered with Shopa Docket to send targeted Solus Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) to the right target market during busy sales periods. Capitalising on Shopa Docket's consumer base, these EDMs were sent out to price-sensitive consumers. Strategically, the campaign ran for a week and EDMs were sent out on the first day.  

More importantly, the campaign aligned with customers price-sensitive shopping habits. It also capitalised on Australia's state-wide and country-wide lockdown due to COVID-19, where increased online shopping activity was expected. Shopa Docket's combination of online and offline strategies, such as including QR codes into printed coupons, provided a holistic approach to target customers in Australian states that were not in lockdown.  



This partnership showed ongoing success and substantial uplift with each optimisation.  An ongoing uplift in sales revenue was demonstrated whenever a Solus EDM was sent, indicating favourable performance uplift with each placement run. For example, sales increased by +670% during the Clearance Sale in October and +1380% during Click Frenzy in November. Metrics such as Conversion, AOV, and ROAS also recorded significant uplifts.  

Harris Scarfe Results


Harris Scarfe and Shopa Docket's partnership strategy demonstrates the value of a well-thought affiliate strategy. By targeting the right customers during COVID and lockdowns in Australia, they've gained good traction on their metrics across the board.

Companies should consider looking beyond the usual cashback and coupons strategy when planning their marketing strategies during peak seasons. Instead, a worthy consideration would be to target the right customers at the right time and partner with an affiliate with the best target audience fit for their brand.

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