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Aug 10, 2021 · 5 min read

Publisher Spotlight: Shopa Docket

Shopa Docket is no newbie to the affiliate marketing industry. We speak to this experienced coupon company on how they keep up with industry trends.


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Tell us more about Shopa Docket.

Shopa Docket was founded in 1986. Our goal was to transform the shopping docket from a humble piece of receipt paper into a world of opportunities for businesses and their customers. We first started operating in Brisbane, Queensland, and have since grown to be a preferred national advertising provider for the retail sector.

Our company currently delivers over one billion printed ads and ninety million directed emails per year. This offers businesses the ability to market locally and consumers the convenience of getting offers easily.

Today, Shopa Docket offers multi-channelled distribution possibilities. This means that we deliver discount deals for categories such as food, restaurants, beauty, services and many more via print, website, app, email, and social media. We also run targeted, fast-turnaround social media campaigns for our clients to gain more market share in a rapidly changing retail environment.

Can you tell us more about the products you offer retailers and how they work?

We provide retailers with printed coupons via our supermarket and variety store channels. Our online footprint has substantially grown to offer digital coupons via our app, website, social media, and direct email.

At Shopa Docket, we offer flexible solutions for businesses to promote offers to their customers locally, state-wide, or nationally. We generate foot traffic to retailers’ physical stores and help guide shoppers to retailers’ online stores. Our products are popular because they are very simple to use! Basically, a customer can simply redeem a print, app, or email offer in-store, or they can click through to the retailer's website and redeem online.

As a leading coupon advertising company, what is your vision?

Our vision at Shopa Docket is to be Australia’s most trusted and well-known savings brand where we can offer marketing solutions to businesses via our multi-channelled platforms. We aim to deliver genuine savings to shoppers and their families and will continue to look at new opportunities internationally, where we can build even more presence with the Australian Shopa Docket experience.

Are you innovative or disruptive?

We are a little of both. Shopa Docket targets consumers through so many channels -from the more traditional side of ‘straight into your hand’ printed receipts, right through to any online solution unique to our brand. We can help businesses of any size target customers as hyper-locally as a postcode or regional town to an Australia-wide multi-platform promotion - all with measurable results. That’s why small business owners in local areas, national brands, and global brands have taken advantage of our customer base and marketing channels.

Why is bridging the gap between online and offline important in Australia?

The offline landscape is rapidly changing, and more shoppers are enjoying the convenience of online shopping. Lockdowns have caused a significant reduction in in-store traffic, which has sadly caused many retailers to close their physical doors. Then there’s the influx of international online players into Australia as well. All these factors have created a need for businesses to have seamless online shopping that not only mimics their in-store experience, but can gain the desired market share.

Shopa Docket is in the advantageous position of having a solid footing in both camps. Not only can we provide an in-store printed coupon through 1,263 national retailers, but we also have a robust digital presence. Because we’ve moved with the current environment, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the consumer experience for more than 35 years. Recent strategies such as putting QR codes on our printed coupons is one of the examples of helping our clients bridge the gap and build online market share.

What are your plans in Australia?

We strive to build on our already successful online and in-store business model and grow our digital offering even further. We’re currently looking at new and innovative platforms to push out online products that benefit all Australians. We aim to offer retailers better ways to gain market share and bring more fantastic deals to our savvy customers.

Do you have plans to launch into other markets outside Australia?

We’re excited to start our expansion into the New Zealand market. We’ve started distributing our printed dockets in New Zealand during the end of 2021, after securing a large and well-established variety store chain. We are in discussions with other chains as well, and this market looks very promising for us.

Along with our in-store products, we have soft-launched our Shopa Docket website. Our aim is to own the coupon and discount market in New Zealand, which will also be a fantastic opportunity for our advertisers to penetrate further into the New Zealand market.

What role does Commission Factory and Awin play in your expansion strategy?

Commission Factory is our number one platform we love partnering with. Apart from being an incredibly great group of people to work with, we love strategizing and testing to improve performance for their partners. The team we work with shares our passion, which will be extremely important as we grow our platform and offerings.

For advertisers with a programme, speak to your Commission Factory contact for more information or invite Shop A Docket Holdings PTY Limited in the affiliate directory.

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