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Jul 12, 2019 · 5 min read

Webinar Highlights: Achieving Scalable Deals Personalisation In Affiliate Marketing

Our partner, Revlifter addresses why personalised deals are so important, how it can create brand loyalty and how consumers are increasingly willing to share their data in exchange for tailored experiences.

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On the 10th July, we partnered with RevLifter, for the second of our webinar series. The webinar was hosted by Amanda Calkins, Publisher Development Team Lead and Co-Hosted by RevLifters Head of Business Development for EMEA & APAC, James Maley.

“Personalisation is the process of creating 1-to-1 experiences for customers. Presenting consumers with unique deals which are specifically tailored to their needs and desires all based on the retailer’s goals”

James Maley, RevLifter, Head of Business Development for EMEA & APAC

Customer Expectation: The Value Exchange

There is a shift in customer expectations and the use of their data. Customer’s understand their data is like a currency. James talked about Clinique’s ‘Meet your match’ campaign being a perfect example of this. Customers answer a series of questions about their skin type and are then presented with relevant products. This allows brands to recommend products based on this data, re-market to consumers and develop new product lines.


Clear value exchange


RevLifter asked why affiliate marketers want to offer personalisation, it goes further than the obvious increase in conversion rates and average order values. True personalisation allows brands to influence repeat purchase and customer lifetime value through their affiliate channels.

Personalisation: Best Practice Examples

Following on this, James took attendees through some best practice examples of personalisation from around the web. From the power of social proofing and persuasive nudging to brands utilising first and third-party data to feature specific products on their homepage for individual consumers. For example, a British online clothing retailer Very.co.uk used weather data to dynamically serve tailored content on their homepage such as providing offers for wet weather clothing when it was raining.

For RevLifter, it all starts with the retailer’s unique goals. The solution is then tailored to meet specific objectives using customer behaviour insights and first and third-party data to influence consumer purchasing decisions.


success criteria

Proving Incrementality

James went on to tackle why many retailers question “the incrementality of offers and whether the sale would happen anyway” giving some insight into how RevLifter drive incremental sales, such as freezing the basket pre and post interaction with RevLifter technology. Only showing incremental offers that are designed to increase spend and rewarding customers for specific behaviour.

Final Thoughts

The presentation concluded with a quote from Jeff Bezos from 1997. “I have 45 Million customers, I don’t just want one store, I want 45 Million” One thing that has continuously driven Amazon forward is their focus on customer demand and personalisation. They were at the forefront of personalised shopping experiences that is so prevalent to all retailers today.

"Through advancements in technology and the use of data, retailers nowadays are able to be smarter when providing highly relevant products or services. With consumers becoming savvier when checking out online the focus has shifted for brands to understand the needs of the individuals instead of serving products and services as they see fit. This approach fits into the mantra that brands need to ensure they have a customer for life, and not just for one shop."

Amanda Calkins, Commission Factory, Publisher Development Team lead

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