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Dec 5, 2023 · 5 min read

Platypus Shoes and Cashrewards: Synergising Style and Affiliate Strategy

Through its Style Drop campaign, Platypus and Cashrewards show how a bespoke feature campaigns can be mutually beneficial in reaching individual goals.

Case Study-1

Platypus Shoes is a known footwear retailer providing Australians with their favourite shoes and sneakers from some of the biggest global brands. Founded in 2007, the company has over 160 stores around Australia and is a household name among the younger style-conscious demographic.

The brand had a particular interest in driving revenue during a non-sale period. For this, the advertiser engaged with Cashrewards, a cashback affiliate partner that rewards consumers as they shop on the merchants website. With over 2 million members on the platform, optimising their ongoing activity with a bespoke campaign was seen as great way for Platypus Shoes to gain more exposure and drive incremental revenue. In return, Cashrewards was able to leverage Platypus’ customer base and encourage new member signups for their site.


Platypus Shoes and Cashrewards developed the following campaign objectives based around the creation of a mutually beneficial custom optimisation:

  • Increase sales for Platypus Shoes during a non-sale period
  • Increase monthly revenue for Platypus Shoes in July
  • Increase conversion rate for Platypus Shoes in July
  • Encourage new customer member signups for Cashrewards


Platypus ran a 'Style Drop' bespoke feature campaign for its users - a fashion sale event encouraging users to upgrade their styles. The campaign ran for 48 hours and offered customers a substantial 25% cashback rate, capped at $30 on each purchase when checking out with Cashrewards.

Both affiliate and advertiser worked on a win-win solution. Platypus offered Cashrewards a 3-day Cost Per Acquisition increase (CPAi) and marketed them in one of their subscriber newsletters. Meanwhile, Cashrewards actively pushed the brand through its website banners, tiles, and other premium placements to maximise its exposure. Additionally, Cashrewards’ in-house creative team prepared a bespoke social video that was promoted through their marketing channels.


Over the two-day campaign, The 'Style Drop' campaign proved successful for both advertiser and affiliate in generating significant uplifts. For Platypus Shoes, the sale value generated during the campaign contributed to 20% of the advertiser's overall revenue in July – without any special offers on the advertiser's site.

Results for Playtpus Shoes-Stats

Results for Cashrewards - 26th July to 27th July 2023

As for Cashrewards, the campaign succeeded in generating conversions, new member signups, and Total Transaction Value (TTV) metrics.  Cashrewards highlights their achievement:

"We are really pleased with the results. With no specific offer on the advertiser's site, we drove about 32% of the total month's TTV in a few days, which is amazing! Along with that, we saw plenty of shoppers and new members for Platypus."

"We also saw some of the best results in terms of paid social for this campaign. We brought in 147 new signups for Cashrewards on our social platforms, and 15% of these converted with their first shop at Platypus. Overall we exceeded our own expectations, especially as this was a first-time execution for a bespoke-feature campaign like this."

Key Takeaway

Cashback sites continue to grow and develop, becoming more mainstream and offering increased value to their growing user bases. Through strategic optimisations like this bespoke feature campaign, these sites present a highly effective way for brands to drive revenue during a non-peak period while maintaining a healthy ROAS.

Through partnering successfully together via the Commission Factory platform, Platypus and Cashrewards demonstrate how an advertiser and affiliate can achieve significant metric uplifts through a shared goal and marketing synergy. Strategically optimising with select partners, providing clearly defined objectives, allows advertisers to improve conversions and maximise affiliate opportunities.



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