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Mar 5 · 3 min read

Boosting Retail Success Through Affiliate Engagement: A Kiwi Story


Case Study (1)-1

The Challenge: A premier retailer in New Zealand found their affiliate program in a lull, hampered by outdated marketing materials, lacklustre affiliate interactions, and a slow-paced recruitment process. This stagnation was a barrier to growth and engagement within their affiliate network.

Strategic Revival: In a bold move to inject vitality into their affiliate strategy, the brand partnered with Commission Factory for an intensive Recruitment Service Package from 26th September to 24th October. The mission was clear: supercharge the affiliate channel, elevate engagement, and drive substantial revenue growth.

Tactical Execution:

Over four weeks, the brand embarked on a meticulously planned journey:

  • Dynamic Affiliate Expansion: Welcomed 25 new affiliates into the fold, infusing the program with new energy and broadening the affiliate landscape.

  • Affiliate Excellence: Zeroed in on 6 standout affiliates, enhancing their performance through strategic collaboration and maximising their market influence.

  • Visibility Surge: Secured 12 high-impact placements across key periods, from prime content slots to eye-catching sidebar ads, in return for increased CPA—increasing brand visibility and affiliate activity.

  • Incentive Innovation: Rolled out 3 exclusive promo codes, sparking heightened conversions and brand promotion.

Remarkable Results:

The results spoke volumes, showcasing a remarkable turnaround in the brand’s performance:

  • Revenue Revolution: Witnessed an incredible 42% surge in revenue, coupled with a 19% increase in Average Order Value (AOV).

  • Market Mastery: While focusing on New Zealand, the brand forged stronger ties with Australian affiliates, unlocking new optimisation avenues and campaign opportunities.

  • Publisher Power: One publisher optimisation led to an astonishing 637% boost in performance, while another partnership enjoyed a 24% uplift, showcasing the power of strategic collaboration.

Client Acclaim:

The brand lauded the Recruitment Package for its pivotal role in magnifying visibility across the affiliate channel and igniting a sales revival. The dedicated service team earned high praise for their strategic acumen and operational excellence.

Strategic Insights:

This collaboration with Commission Factory’s service team redefined the brand’s affiliate narrative, achieving revenue growth, deeper affiliate connections, and a fortified market stance. This narrative underscores the transformative impact of targeted affiliate recruitment and optimisation, charting a course for overcoming stagnation and unlocking exponential performance growth.

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