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Oct 30, 2018 · 3 min read

Multicultural Day at Commission Factory HQ

25 people, 12 countries and 9 languages. With over 20 dishes, it was a delicious way to celebrate workplace diversity.


After years of rapidly expanding the Commission Factory family, it was finally time to hold an internal event to celebrate our multiculturalism.

Diversity and multiculturalism are factors necessary for a successful workplace. It promotes a more creative and innovative workforce, as well as increases productivity and morale. All in all, it creates a more positive environment that is inclusive and encouraging.

That afternoon, the world was our oyster, as we enjoyed cuisines from all corners of the globe.

From classic Aussie Lamb Chops to an indulgent Lithuanian Apple Strudle Cake, it was the most extravagant lunch.

All five senses were showcased beautifully. The aromas, textures and vast array of colours from the dishes filled the kitchen area, accompanied by a global music playlist in the background. Though the taste of all the food was absolutely the highlight of the event.

Whilst filling our plates with a spoonful from each country, there were interesting and humorous facts about each country to be read that were decoratively placed around the office - creating a fun way to encourage everyone to learn something new about where our team hails from.

One by one, the conference room gathered with everybody excited to dig in. We learnt soon after, that next time, there will certainly be a reminder to wear pants with elastic or rather something more comfortable.

The feast was followed by a quiz comprised of personal facts that no one knew about each other already. Everyone gathered into five teams, and each team were given a sheet that listed all of the facts. In the end, the team who could guess the most correct answers won a hamper of ‘Favourites’ chocolate - which felt “Aussie enough”.

This activity, without a doubt, proved there are many things we still do not know about each other. An activity highly recommended playing in the workplace for bonding, as there were plenty of laughs and surprising stories shared throughout.

After all the positive and grateful feedback from the day; it is safe to say Commission Factory can now proudly introduce ‘Multicultural Day’ to be our new annual internal event that will take place the last Friday of every October.

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