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Feb 14, 2020 · 3 min read

Discovery: Deep-Linking Chrome Extension

As part of our new Discovery series, we will be highlighting one of our often overlooked productivity tools - the affiliate deep-linking Chrome Extension.


As time goes on we forget about some of the great and forward-thinking additions we created for the Commission Factory platform. With a renewed interest in the potential of affiliate networks adding further functionality and efficiencies with Chrome extensions we thought it was time to draw attention to one of our older and productivity improving Chrome Extensions.

Back in 2014 we released one of the first Google Chrome Extensions for an affiliate network. The extension was so much more than the ability to simply create deeplinks to advertiser product pages but also a direct connection to your account with Commission Factory that allowed affiliates to easily check account balances, create and share links across the web and social media and access coupons and promotions to share with their audience.

The extension gives a brief snapshot of your account and allows users to instantly create or share links as they browse the web without the need for accessing the Commission Factory platform to create correctly formatted deeplinks.

With the Google Chrome Extension you can:

  • Check your pending and approved commissions
  • See how many dashboard messages and alerts are awaiting your review
  • Instantly see which advertisers you have not yet joined
  • Be notified how many coupons or promotions are on offer for the merchant site you have visited
  • Go to any advertiser product page and immediately create deeplinks
  • Share product links, coupons and promotions instantly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest

If you're ready to start using this extension then click the below button to add to Chrome now.

Please note that an overhaul and update will be released shortly for the extension. If you already have the extension you will not need to do anything and the update will apply automatically.

Add to Chrome  


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