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Oct 17, 2023 · 4 min read

Using Cashback and Exclusive Offers to Drive High Conversion Rate

Australia’s largest cashback community, Cashrewards, helped Boost Mobile dominate mobile category traffic.

Boost Mobile and Cashrewards

Boost Mobile is an award-winning mobile network operator offering excellent coverage to 99.4% of Australia’s population over a service area of 2.7m square kilometres (1.7m square miles). Boost appeals to customers who want an affordable plan that doesn’t compromise service quality or data limits – with the freedom of no long-term contracts. Compared to traditional networks, Boost’s prepaid plans of $2 - $300 allow customers to control how much they’re spending upfront, avoiding surprise costs that monthly billing potentially has.

In Q4 of 2022, Boost sought to grow its customer base by partnering with Australia’s leading cashback platform and featuring Power 100 partner Cashrewards on an exclusive campaign and cashback rate. With over 1.8m members, Cashrewards offers an immense set of cashback offers via a website, app and browser extension for 2,000+ top brands in fashion, travel, sports and fitness, gift cards, travel, alcohol, and many other essentials, as well as leading marketplaces serving the region. 

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Exclusive offer ‘boosted’ share to 65% within Cashrewards’ telco category.

With Q4 often led by deals and offers across the retail sector, Boost and Cashrewards needed an attention-grabbing offer to stand out in this saturated market. This is especially important within the telco vertical, where products and services are becoming increasingly homogenised, making it even harder for brands to compete against each other and acquire new customers.

Boost and Cashrewards joined forces to determine the most effective approach and agreed to promote the 12-month plan priced at $160, which provided a $40 discount on the original price of $200. This discount was deemed the maximum discount that Boost could offer on a 12-month plan for the entire year.

The combination of an exclusive offer, which Cashrewards members were particularly receptive to, alongside a strong cashback amount attracted significant attention. Outside of its own platforms, Cashrewards cross-promoted the campaign on OzBargain – a popular deals forum in the region – expanding the campaign's reach to a new audience who quickly flagged the offer’s value and increased its visibility on-site by upvoting and commenting.


Boost’s offer dominated Cashreward’s telco vertical during Q4, with 65% of the sector’s total traffic going to the brand’s site. At a landmark 28% conversion rate, this resulted in a significant uplift - especially over the Black Friday period.

During November and across all Boost Mobile products, the partnership with Cashrewards also generated:

+114% clicks MoM

+48% AOV MoM

“The partnership provided a great brand alignment for Boost Mobile as Cashrewards has a highly-engaged, value-seeking audience and our products deliver great value for money. The results speak for themselves; we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Cashrewards and accomplishing greater results together.”

Nanda Barone, Digital Marketing & Media Manager at Boost Mobile

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