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May 15 · 8 min read

Technology Partners for Affiliate Marketing Success


In the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing, technology partners play a pivotal role in facilitating success for both advertisers and affiliates. As businesses strive to expand their reach and maximise their revenue streams, the strategic integration of technology partners becomes essential. This article aims to explore the significance of technology partners in affiliate marketing and provide insights into leveraging these partnerships for mutual benefit. 

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In the evolving world of Affiliate Marketing, Technology Partners are crucial in driving success for advertisers. By strategically integrating the right Technology Partners, businesses can expand their reach and enhance their revenue streams. This piece will delve into the crucial role of Technology Partners in Affiliate Marketing, examining how they influence the industry and how to effectively leverage these partnerships for mutual benefit. As we explore the dynamic network that connects advertisers, publishers, and consumers, we will highlight the significant impact that selecting the appropriate Technology Partners can have on the success of your affiliate program. 

Technology Partners, also referred to as Integration Partners, is how we refer to a group of partners that include Software Publishers, App-Tracking Partners, User-Journey Partners, Cart Abandonment Technologies, Retargeting Software amongst others. What they have in common is that they usually require their tracking technology (or pixels) to be implemented to provide their products and services to Advertisers. Instead of doing a direct integration for each Advertiser they connect with, Technology Partners can integrate via the existing Commission Factory MasterTag, that Advertisers have already implemented. Once the MasterTag Integration has been completed, the Technology Partners can be easily discoverable using our Integrations Marketplace.  

 It’s quite clear that Technology Partners are becoming an integral performer in Affiliate Marketing. They allow Advertisers to connect with consumers throughout all stages of their shopping journey, helping them improve conversion rates, average order value, and bounce rates amongst other metrics.   


Understanding Technology Partners in Affiliate Marketing 

As previously mentioned, Technology Partners encompass a wide array of service providers and technologies designed to streamline affiliate marketing operations, enhance performance, and drive results. 

Technology Partners are Affiliates/Publishers that can be implemented onto a brand's affiliate program, they can then be paid on a performance basis, with the most common solutions used to achieve these goals being:

  • Cart Abandonment – this is where a consumer adds items to a basket but then leaves the website without completing their purchase. Solutions for this include reminder emails, discount offerings, a streamlined checkout process, and providing more payout options. 
  • Exit Intent Technologytechnology that detects when a user is about to leave a website, then prompts them with targeted messages or offers, keeping the consumer on-site, to make a conversion and increase overall engagement. 
  • Product Recommendation/Product Bundlingwebsite personalisation showing the right products to the right consumers, at the right time or, where multiple related products or services are packaged and sold together as a single offering or bundle. 
  • Email Remarketing Partners – technology that would help the consumer finalise a purchase. This could be sending the consumer a personalised offer or reminder of an abandoned cart with the exact items that were added included in the email. 
  • Display Networks (Prospecting/Retargeting) -  use of visual/graphic advertisements to reach a specific target audience. Also, to re-engage website visitors who previously interacted but did not complete a desired transaction. 
  • Dynamic Couponing – can help boost conversion rates by offering more relevant deals/offers, therefore, increasing the AOV. 
  • Referral Marketing – turning existing customers into brand ambassadors, which helps leverage existing customers to acquire new ones. 
  • Push Notificationsclickable rich content messages sent to a device even if/when the consumer isn’t on the desired website.  


Technology Partner Success Stories with Commission Factory  

A Technology Partner that specialises in conversion optimisation working with a well-known healthcare brand saw a 77% uplift in both Commissions and Sale Value in Q3 2023 (comparing this to Q2 2023).  

The same Technology Partner, working with a well-known Australian clothing brand saw a 7% rise in AOV quarter on quarter (Q3 to Q2 of 2023). 

Another Technology Partner who specialises in referral marketing, saw an increase in performance across all metrics (Clicks 64%, Conversions 156%, Sale Value 211%, 211% Commissions), working with a well know fashion retailer - these results and metrics were reported and comparing periods Q2 to Q1 2023. 



 Technology Partners play a vital role in driving the success of affiliate marketing initiatives by providing innovative solutions, actionable insights, and strategic support. By leveraging these partnerships effectively, advertisers can expand their reach, optimise performance, and achieve sustainable growth in the dynamic digital landscape. Embrace the power of technology partnerships as a cornerstone of your affiliate marketing strategy and unlock new opportunities for success.


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