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Mar 22, 2023 · 5 min read

Publisher Spotlight: TopCashback

Get ready to discover a world of savings and cashback as we shine the spotlight on TopCashback.

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Give us an outline of TopCashback and what you do.

TopCashback was established over 18 years ago, and we now have over 22 million members worldwide.  As a leading publisher within the affiliate marketing industry, we operate in the UK, USA, China, Germany, and France, as well as Sweden and Poland through our sister site, Refunder. We are the most generous cashback site, helping our members save as much money as possible on their everyday shopping, and we’re excited to have recently launched in Australia. 


What is your mission and vision in the affiliate space, and how can advertisers benefit from working with TopCashback

 Our mission is to help our members save money on their online shopping, and we do this by passing on 100% of the commission we earn to our members as cashback. This unique commission model has enabled us to become market leaders in the regions we work in.

Our global reach also means that partners can utilise us when looking into entering new markets themselves. Our large and loyal user base can be a huge asset to partners looking for new customers. 

As an award-winning publisher we take the time to truly understand what our partners' value and design campaigns to help achieve their goals. Whether it be to increase new customers or drive up purchase frequency, to increasing average basket spend or category/product-specific revenue or to increasing sales via a specific device. We understand that it’s not a one size fits all approach, and we utilise our experience, data and tools to tailor campaigns that help drive the desired performance for each partner. 


Specifically, what do you do that is innovative or disruptive? 

 Aside from our unique 100% commission model, there are other ways we’re expanding our product outside of being a traditional cashback partner that is innovative within the industry.

We’ve evolved our proposition in the UK with a number of products, providing a comparison tool where our members can compare telecoms, insurance and mortgage providers to help ensure they receive the best cashback. We are also offering our green cashback initiative, which makes it easier for our members to find brands that support sustainable and ethical choices. We look forward to bringing some of these products into our growing regions. 

What are your plans for the future in Australia? 

We’re excited to have launched in Australia, having watched the industry grow from afar. Our business model has led us to become market leaders in the regions we operate in, and we are looking forward to helping Australian customers earn more cashback.

In a time of economic uncertainty, we know that customers are looking for more and better ways to save money. With our focus on promoting the best rates, we believe this will set us apart in a competitive market. 


What role are Commission Factory and Awin playing in your expansion strategy?

We have a long-standing partnership with Awin in other regions where we operate, and we knew that they would help play an instrumental part in our launch in a market where they have a huge presence in.  

As a UK-based company, their support helped us better understand the Australian market and expand our footprint. As well as this, they have been proactive in educating their partners about the TopCashback brand, which led to a smooth integration with hundreds of brands ahead of our launch. We’re excited about the expansion of our collaboration and are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with Commission Factory and Awin.  

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