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May 8 · 5 min read

Publisher Spotlight: Student Discount Australia

Student Discount, the ultimate hub for students all around the globe and the go-to destination for market-leading deals targeted at this very impactful and digitally savvy target segment. Commission Factory welcomes them to the AU market and we look forward to growing our partnership together. 

Tell us about Student Discount Australia

Studentdiscount.com/au is a game-changer for Australian students when it comes to saving money on the things they need and love. We understand the unique challenges faced by students, and our mission is to make their lives more affordable and enjoyable. Our user-friendly application empowers students with exclusive discounts across a wide range of products and services. Whether it's academic essentials, lifestyle upgrades, or leisure activities, we've got students covered. By simply using their student e-mail address, students gain access to a vast selection of special student deals and promo codes. We take a lot of pride in being a helpful and valuable resource for the student community.

Why was Australia part of the expansion plan?

We had several reasons to expand into Australia. Firstly, Australia has a substantial student population with its renowned universities and educational institutions attracting students from all over the world. This makes the Australian educational landscape an ideal target market for us to tap into, also given the fact that their established infrastructure, digital connectivity, and global presence is of a high standard. Furthermore, we received continual feedback from our partners, backed by statistics, which further highlighted the strong growth potential for us if we were to expand our business into the Australian market.

How can brands work with Student Discount Australia?

When brands want to reach students with exclusive discounts and want to take advantage of our student verification service, they can easily join us through our seamless onboarding experience. We are keen on establishing long-term partnerships that will benefit students

Interested? Feel free to schedule an introductory meeting via: https://www.studentdiscount.com/au/meeting 

What advantages do advertisers gain from collaborating?

It's not a secret that students are always seeking the best discounts. As digital natives, they form a highly influential consumer group that truly values brands addressing student needs. Moreover, they are most likely to share positive experiences with their peers. Students play a crucial role in shaping purchasing decisions and influencing brand loyalty for years to come.

As future high earners and decisionmakers, their impact on the market is substantial. The big advantage of  Studentdiscount.com/au is that brands can verify students, provide exclusive discounts, and turn students into loyal lifetime customers. Are you ready to start?

How does Commission Factory contribute to your strategy?

With Commission Factory as our dedicated partner, we have access to a large network of advertisers. There are many well-known brands affiliated with Commission Factory that are very interesting for students. Commission Factory allows us to easily connect with advertisers, build great relationships, and set up awesome and exclusive student promotions. We are very happy to have Commission Factory as our strategic partner.

Could you share insights into other projects planned for 2024?

In 2024, we aim to further expand our influence and presence by launching in several countries. With excitement and determination in our hearts, we have ambitious growth plans to expand our operations to as many as four new countries, which will bring our total number of countries in which we operate to 12. This step will not only expand our reach, but it will also allow us to spread our mission and impact on a broader scale.

Interested in partnering with us? Feel free to send us an invite, our Commission Factory ID is: 88557 or schedule an introductory meeting via: https://www.studentdiscount.com/au/meeting 

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