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Dec 14, 2023 · 5 min read

Publisher Spotlight: ShopForward

For advertisers looking to reach more customers, boost online sales, and expand brand reach across Europe and Australia, look no further than ShopForward, a trusted Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partner.


We learn more about ShopForward's proposition and how they can help advertisers find more customers, how they work and what sets them apart from other affiliate partners. 

1. Can you tell us about ShopForward and what you do?

ShopForward is your go-to Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partner. We help advertisers increase their reach, attract more customers, and prevent them from buying from their competitors with CPA-based services. As an incremental sales partner for over 15,000 advertisers, we offer Google Shopping and Microsoft Shopping campaigns designed to complement the advertiser's online marketing efforts. Microsoft campaigns allow us to be active in the auction for visibility on various search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo and Ecosia.

2. How does your technology work?

We sometimes get the concern that our campaigns will cannibalise the advertiser's campaign, which is not the case. The various search engine auctions will prioritise the advertisers' campaigns. This leaves room for ShopForward to be visible with incremental ads. Furthermore, our algorithm allows us to reach a different audience than the advertisers themselves. In addition to that, we can easily work next to existing CSS partnerships simply because we steer our campaigns differently.

3. What is it that you do that is innovative or disruptive?

We fully automate additional online marketing activities for advertisers. Because of our experience with different advertisers in different verticals, we have our best practice strategy. However, if an advertiser has specific wishes, we can tweak the campaigns to fit the advertiser's needs. Without taking any risks themselves, advertisers can use the high-class campaign setup of ShopForward; no fixed fees or hours are charged.

4. How can brands work with ShopForward?

Simply reach out. Get in touch with your Commission Factory contact, or reach out to us directly to get things started! We are happy to help along the way to get a campaign up and running to boost your sales. The integration process is going to be quick and easy.

5. What are the benefits for advertisers who work with ShopForward?

Besides delivering performance, we prioritise building long-term relationships with advertisers. We understand that successful collaborations are built on trust. Trust is built on effective, open and transparent communication on, for example, campaign results and optimisations. We discuss this together to get the best results.

6. What role are Commission Factory and Awin playing in your strategy?

We have noticed a growing customer base that spans not only across Europe but also extends to Australia. Recognising the importance of catering to our global advertisers, we are happy to partner with Commission Factory and Awin. We aim to seamlessly extend our reach to Australia by joining forces with these platforms. This joint effort will strengthen our commitment to delivering effective and targeted campaigns across diverse regions. This collaboration is a pivotal step in ensuring that advertisers, who actively engage with us in Europe and Australia, experience the full spectrum of our services.

We look forward to achieving unparalleled success and establishing a robust presence in European and Australian markets.

7. Could you share insights into other projects planned for 2024?

In addition to our current offer to advertisers to run shopping campaigns, we are looking into exciting opportunities that we can offer to our advertisers to expand their advertising reach. Currently, we are testing out alternative channels to offer diverse online advertising possibilities. Get in touch with us to stay updated about these new developments.

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