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Jan 15 · 5 min read

Publisher Spotlight: Narrators

Narrators, an award-winning influencer marketing agency based in Singapore since 2015, operates in 10 Southeast Asian markets. Utilising a hybrid web and mobile platform, the agency assists brands in implementing regional campaigns with a focus on data and automation for scale and efficiency.


1. Tell us about Narrators and what you do?

Narrators is an award-winning influencer marketing agency headquartered in Singapore since 2015, covering 10 markets in SEA. Equipped with our hybrid web & mobile platform solution, we help brands achieve scale and efficiencies in delivering regional campaigns driven by data and automation.

We are a fully managed service supported by a team of dedicated Account & Community Managers to assist with your every campaign need, supported by our proprietary dashboard tools. Operating on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Facebook across Nano to Mega Influencers, we are any brand's one-stop solution to influencer marketing, notably with effective long-term approaches through Ambassador Programs.

2. As one of APAC's leading influencer platforms, what is your mission and vision of the influencer space?

The world of social media marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial for brands and agencies. Since the birth of Narrators in 2015, we strive to stay at the forefront of influencer marketing, generating social content, reach, engagements, and social commerce at scale by matching brands and social media creators. We leverage data and technology to gain marketing efficiencies and, in the process, improve the livelihood of the largest community of social media content creators.

3. What are the main benefits for influencers who want to work with Narrators?

First and foremost, our FREE mobile app provides influencers a seamless collaboration experience with the world's leading brands—all accessible through a user-friendly interface where influencers enjoy the convenience of browsing live campaigns anytime, anywhere.

From campaign discovery to content submission and payment, everything is streamlined within one dedicated space, simplifying the entire process. By joining Narrators, influencers not only gain access to live campaigns from global brands but also become part of a thriving community of over 15K active creative minds across the region.

4. Why should brands consider working with Narrators?

At Narrators, we empower brands and agencies to connect with the largest Asian community of influencers and content creators across 10 Southeast Asian markets. Our fully managed service offers dedicated Account and Community managers, supporting end-to-end campaign execution. With Narrators, brands can seamlessly recruit influencers, manage content moderation, navigate legal frameworks, handle payments, and monitor real-time campaign performance metrics—all through a fast and user-friendly dashboard. Through our Ambassador Program feature, we transform one-off collaborations into sustained advocacy programs, facilitating impactful and enduring influencer marketing success for brands. Our brand portfolio speaks for itself.

5. How can advertisers benefit from working with Narrators and your network of content creators?

Partnering with Narrators means collaborating with a team of dedicated social media experts and an extensive network of vetted content creators. We specialise in connecting your brand with the right audience, offering a comprehensive solution from awareness campaigns to sustained advocacy programs, maximising the potential of influencer marketing.

6. What do you do that is unique, innovative or disruptive compared to similar influencer platforms?

At Narrators, we believe our uniqueness lies in our broad geographic coverage and ability to seamlessly execute campaigns at scale across multiple markets. We provide brands and agencies with influencers who not only match their brand values but also resonate authentically with their target audiences. Lastly, our unique proprietary dashboard tool allows brands and agencies to analyse and measure campaign performance, content, budget depletion, and more in real time, to optimise campaigns for maximum impact and facilitate long term approaches to influence.

7. What roles are Commission Factory and Awin playing in your strategy?

Understanding the marketing funnel and key stages of the consumer decision journey is essential for brands. Narrators core expertise lies in delivering the brand building, awareness, reach, advocacy and traffic objectives derived from influencer marketing. Together with Commission Factory and Awin’s robust platform and approach to affiliation, the combined offering enables brands to leverage the unified efficiencies to tackle all the different stages and objectives of influencer marketing.

8. What does the future hold for Narrators?

As we move forward, expect more groundbreaking strategies, technological advancements, and impactful collaborations. We are dedicated to not only staying at the forefront but also shaping the future of influencer marketing. Our mission is to continue empowering brands through innovative campaigns while rewarding and fostering the growth of the influencer community. We are also excited for the role that AI will start to play in gaining further efficiencies for both us and our partners.

Check out Narrators and collaborate with vetted and relevant influencers matching your brand’s needs with Narrators’ dual-sided platform.

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