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May 8 · 5 min read

Publisher Spotlight: BravoVoucher

In this first-to-market Publisher Spotlight, we welcome BravoVoucher.com to Commission Factory.  BravoVoucher are a leading global offers domain that provides its evergrowing customer base with a vast range of attractive deals from thousands of well-known and loved brands.  Working with their brand partners to offer their customers the best deals to help them save money and feel incentivised is BravoVoucher's primary business mission.


1. Can you tell us about BravoVoucher and how it started?

 BravoVoucher.com is a discount and code site, whose mission is to help its consumers save money and find great deals. We are part of Bravo Savings Network, which was founded in 2015, and have grown steadily to now include 15 sites covering the UK, North America and mainland Europe.  Bravo Savings Network have HQ's in Florence, Italy, and the US; from where our team work in their respective markets using their mother tongue.   BravoVoucher.com is the group's first entry in the Australasia region and we look forward to bringing the same value here that we have established globally.


2. Can you tell us more about the products you offer retailers and how they work?

 BravoVoucher offers all joined merchants a dedicated page on-site, where the advertiser can promote their current offers and codes.  It is not necessary to have an actual coupon code, although it helps! Exclusive codes are always welcome and help with increased conversion. 

There are a variety of options available to advertisers to promote themselves via our domains to gain more visibility and brand awareness.  We offer a variety of placements across the homepage, category pages and seasonal campaign pages, as well as off-site opportunities including newsletters and push notifications.  We also offer audience extension opportunities for native advertising through dedicated partnerships.


3. What advantages can advertisers gain from collaborating with BravoVoucher?

Advertisers can reach incremental audiences and increase sales through collaboration.  Working with our friendly team, they can access flexible promotional opportunities to fit all budgets, and we always try to be inclusive and supportive of brands of all sizes.  This includes SME's who are just starting their digital marketing journey. 

Taking part in our environmental campaigns are an excellent opportunity to align & extend our core values within the affiliate channel, and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.  This is via a partnership we have with an NGO called Ogyre, who work with local fishermen in Indonesia, Brazil and Italy to remove marine litter.  In 2024 we have committed to removing 1200kg of plastic from our seas via this partnership.  We also offer brands a PPC product, Blue PPC, which is a great way of working with PPC more creatively, and for advertisers to strategically align themselves with this specific initiative.


 4. How can advertisers engage with BravoVoucher?

Network and advertiser teams can reach out to the team directly at chrisrs@bravovoucher.co.uk who would be delighted to set up an introductory call; and mediakits illustrating our upcoming plans and optimisations can also be shared via email.  We can put together exposure plans based on commission increases, exclusive codes, PPC rights or media budgets, with each of these options being able to be tailored to the client's needs based on their overall business goals and budget.


5. How does Commission Factory contribute to your expansion strategy?

As one of the largest affiliate networks in the region, Commission Factory is a crucial partner for us as we gain momentum.  We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with you and your merchants.  We are keen to talk with all Account Managers personally, to discuss how we can work to grow advertisers' sales. As relative newbies, we are also going to be relying on your local know-how to understand market nuance and create relationships.  We also believe there are some great opportunities to help Commission Factory advertisers access new markets through our extensive international network.


6. Are there any upcoming projects planned for 2024?

We have just released a new site design that will go live in Q2 2024, which has given us a refreshed and up-to-date look and feel, plus more placement options for advertisers to reach more audiences.  We will be running campaigns across the year inviting advertisers to collaborate through our on-site, off-site and Blue PPC campaigns. Please don't hesitate to reach out to find out more and learn how to get involved! 


Commission Factory is not only the Asia-Pacific region's largest affiliate platform, working with more than 900 of the world's biggest brands, it is also a performance marketing platform that allows affiliates, partners and content creators to earn money and online businesses to increase sales.

Connect with the Commission Factory team to learn more about how we help brands and partners build and grow their affiliate marketing strategies.   

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