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Dec 22, 2023 · 6 min read

Publisher Spotlight: BigGo

BigGo is a price search engine with a difference. It's a data-driven platform that creates mutual value between brands and consumers. We explore what sets them apart and why advertisers should include them in their programs.


1. Can you tell us about BigGo and what you do?

BigGo is a prominent price search engine specialising in helping users find the best deals on various products across various categories. It aggregates product listings from numerous brands within specific regions, providing users with a comprehensive platform to search for and compare prices.

 With BigGo, users can easily navigate various products, ensuring a convenient and efficient shopping experience. The platform is designed to empower consumers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. By curating product listings from diverse brands, BigGo assures users they get the best possible prices for their desired items.

 2. Can you give us an outline of the BigGo proposition and how it works?

 BigGo has several service lines that advertisers can benefit from:

  1. Product listing - This is BigGo's core service, and 80% of users visit our website through the search page. Brands can list their products on the BigGo website to reach our customers.
  2. Up-to-date campaign promotion - brands can share their ongoing campaign creatives and coupons to increase the users' interest in purchasing their items. More discounts, more hype!
  3. Social platform - brands can promote in the most interactive ways using videos by creating an official account on our video page and introducing their products/campaigns in real-time plus to increase brand awareness
  4. Spotlight - join the BigGo AD Platform and get into our search page's spotlight to increase your exposure to our users 5X faster
  5. Price Monitoring System - This brand-new feature can help brands monitor their product prices in real-time to catch price violators within resellers or stay within the competitive price range with their competitors.

 3. Why do you think advertisers should consider partnering with BigGo? What is the value for them?

  1. Established Presence and Experience: BigGo has been operational since 2016 and attests to its market longevity and experience. This track record indicates a level of trustworthiness and reliability that advertisers can benefit from.
  2. Global Reach with Regional Focus: BigGo is available in 12 countries, with a current emphasis on the Southeast Asia (SEA) and Taiwan regions. This regional focus is crucial for advertisers targeting specific markets or demographics within these areas.
  3. Customer Reach and Sales Generation: BigGo's extensive user base provides a substantial reach for advertisers. Partnering with BigGo can help big brands tap into this existing customer base to generate even more sales.
  4. Enhanced Competitive Pricing for Medium Brands: For medium-sized brands, BigGo can serve as a platform to offer more competitive pricing. By participating in BigGo's ecosystem, these brands can optimise their pricing strategies to stay competitive.
  5. Exposure for Small Brands: Small brands often need substantial budgets for advertising campaigns. Partnering with BigGo allows these smaller brands to gain visibility and reach a broader audience without the need for expensive advertising initiatives.

 4. Specifically, what do you do that is innovative or disruptive?

 BigGo's innovative approach lies in its dynamic aggregation of pricing information, commitment to data security, user-friendly interfaces, and ability to disrupt traditional market dynamics through enhanced information accessibility. These factors collectively contribute to BigGo's status as the industry's leading price search engine. 

 5. What role does Commission Factory play in your revenue diversification strategy?

Commission Factory plays a crucial role in BigGo's revenue diversification strategy by connecting the platform with a diverse array of brand categories and streamlining the process of establishing partnerships with brands and advertisers. This strategic partnership allows BigGo to expand its market reach, generate revenue through various channels, and provide users with a broader selection of products and brands.

 6. What are your plans for the future?

 BigGo's plans revolve around providing an inclusive and user-centric shopping experience. By strengthening brand partnerships, refining its platform, and focusing on user satisfaction, BigGo aims to become an even more indispensable tool for consumers seeking the best deals and prices across various product categories.

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