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Apr 13, 2021 · 10 min read

Publisher Spotlight: Beanstalk Mums

In this month's Publisher Spotlight, we speak to Lucy Good, founder of Beanstalk Mums, about creating positive content and how they support single mums across Australia.  

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Describe Beanstalk Mums and what is its mission? 

Beanstalk Mums is a web-based sanctuary of light-hearted conversation, practical advice and targeted resources designed to reach out and empower the lives of single mothers and their children across Australia. 

Beanstalk Mums has appeared on TV (Sunrise, The Today Show, Today Extra), radio (ABC), and in print (The Age, Daily Mail Australia, Sydney Morning Herald). They continue to grow steadily every day as single mums reach for their support to navigate their single mother journeys. 

Alongside their highly engaged community across social media, the Beanstalk offering includes a huge database with helpful resources, articles, a podcast series, eBooks, interactive e-course, an anonymous forum and a Discount Directory with hundreds of specials exclusive for single mothers. 

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Why do you think your content resonates so well with your readers? 

We offer support to single mums from all walks of life and for every stage of the single mother journey.    

Starting with the crisis period when people first separate and need legal and property support; leading onto moving home/schools, financial help, mental health support, advice on careers and study, buying a home and helping our kids; finishing with dating again, re-partnering, blended families and step-parenting. 

For this reason, there’s support for all single mums. 

All of Beanstalk Mums content comes from a space full of positivity and inspirationIts design educatesempowers, and reinvents the single mothers’ role that makes women feel positive, capable, in control, less alone and happy. 

What strategies have you utilised to monetise your content effectively? 

At Beanstalk Mums, we monetise content in several ways. These include: 

  • Product and service listings on our Discount Directory 
  • High-quality, relevant guest articles written to set guidelines 
  • High-quality, relevant link insertion in the current content 
  • Affiliate advertising around products and services that resonates with single mums 
  • Display advertising placed within content on a personal view basis 
  • Product and service listings in list-style articles 

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What are your plans in Australia?  

In Australia, I plan to keep on doing what I’m doing and focusing on strengthening current relationships and steady, sustainable growth. 

What role are Commission Factory and Awin playing in your expansion strategy?  

Of all the revenue streams, affiliate advertising is my personal favourite. It’s a win-win because it takes nothing from my single mother audience and creates semi-passive revenue flow throughout the website. 

Working with Commission Factory and Awin, I hope to create work with new businesses and reinforce current marketing partners to form long-term relationships that can benefit Beanstalk Mums while offering a brilliant value-add for my single mother audience. 

For advertisers joined to the network, get started with Beanstalk Mums by inviting them through the Commission Factory dashboard.   

For advertisers or publishers looking to join the network, click the below.  

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