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Apr 26, 2022 · 5 min read

Publisher Spotlight: Ampel

In a first-to-market Publisher Spotlight,  Ampel speaks to us about their role in helping brands find their voice and the unique art of marketing through audio and podcasts.

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Can you tell us about Ampel and what you do?

Ampel is a strategic audio transformation company and podcast publisher. We work with great content creators to bring their stories to Australian ears, and we work with brands to help them navigate the growing and complex audio landscape.

Our Ampel Original podcasts are published across our network and are available on all major audio platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Audible, and Google Podcasts.

Why do you think audio should be an important part of a brand's marketing strategy?

The average Australian listens to 12+ hours of audio each week. Audio enhances many experiences - You don't need to look at a screen to be absorbed by what you're listening to. In fact, I'm listening to the music for one of our podcasts right now!

The hands and eyes-free nature of listening means that after two years of staring at screens, people can now detach and immerse themselves completely in the story. They can hear audio at home, when walking the dog, at work, in the car, and interact with it via voice (Alexa Skills, Google, Siri). This ease of access is why we see audio & podcast consumption continue to grow year on year.

Audio allows brands to communicate intimately with consumers, directly relaying messaging into their ears when they are in an actively open and engaged mindset. As the audio space continues to grow, brands need to ensure they're creating an engaging audio strategy and actively use this as another marketing touchpoint. Otherwise they risk losing their share of voice - or sound - to their competitors.

What is your mission and proposition in the affiliate space?

At Ampel, our mission is to reinvigorate the art of compelling audio storytelling to a new generation and enable every great storyteller and creator to find their voice and be heard. For affiliates, that means aligning their brand to compelling storytellers who can provide creative ways to sell their products more authentically than a straight 30-second radio ad.

The most important thing for us is fostering unique talent and ensuring that through the right partnerships and funding they can also continue to bring great stories to people’s ears. We want to work with advertisers that are contextually relevant to our shows and resonate with our hosts so they can genuinely get behind the product and drive the best results for both brand and creator.

What is it that you do that is innovative or disruptive?

We are leading the way in audio transformation and helping brands and individuals integrate audio ecosystems.

Audio isn't just 'podcasts', and a podcast is one small part of an audio channel strategy. We work with brands to implement their audio strategies across connected homes, connected cars, DAB+ radio, voice-activated skills, podcasts, and social media.

How can advertisers benefit from working with Ampel and your audio content creators?

Our shows are hosted by well-known talent with strong social followings. By partnering with Ampel across one of our Originals shows, you’re able to activate a host-read, integrated advertisement within our podcasts and feature unique audio discount code offerings to our listeners, which can turn those active listeners into your active shoppers.

Podcast ads generate around 4 times higher brand recall than scroll, pop-up, and static ads, with brand consideration sitting at 65% for podcast advertisers. Meanwhile, host-read, ads resonate with the consumer due to their native nature. But it also provides delivery flexibility because the ad isn’t ‘baked in’ to the show, its running dynamically across current seasons as well as back-catalogue episodes.

What role is Commission Factory playing in your affiliate marketing strategy?

In Australia, we work solely with Commission Factory in the affiliate space. Commission Factory helps us connect with the right brands for meaningful partnerships that are beneficial to both parties

What are your plans for the future in Australia?

We have a number of key clients in the US and a partner agency in the UK, so we will be launching some exciting new international shows in the Australian market shortly.

Want to know more, watch the webinar - How to make noise with an addictive podcast.

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