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May 29 · 4 min read

Publisher Spotlight: ACM

We look forward to having our Commission Factory advertisers work closer with content publication, ACM. ACM hosts a very large pool of news domains globally; stemming across a wide variety of themes including travel, agriculture, and Senior audiences. Find out more about the exciting partnership opportunities available with them below!



1) What makes ACM different from other content publications?

ACM offers an extensive national reach with 97 digital news sites. Above and beyond our news offering, ACM is also home to specialty titles such as our dedicated Travel title, Explore, a suite of Agricultural brands, and The Senior which holds high engagement across the 55 years and older age demographic.

ACM stands out from other content publishers through our ability to have a journalist on the ground in all regional locations. There is no better team to talk to local regional areas than via ACM's content team. Our journalists reside in these regions themselves and have a unique ability to connect brands to communities through lived experience.

Our Commercial Content Team is easily accessible and professional; and can bring the simplest story to life in an engaging way. You can be sure our Commercial Content Team, Story Central, will adhere to advertisers' marketing objectives in bringing brand ambitions to life.

2) How does ACM work with advertisers to develop branded content?

We establish the needs of our advertisers by understanding their marketing objectives and target audience. Our team of dedicated commercial journalists, who live within regional communities themselves, carefully curate content for the target market in a localised voice that the community knows and trusts. Images, video, links, listicles, and other various tactics are embedded within the content pieces to drive engagement and site traffic. 

3) How does Commission Factory help enable your partnerships?

The reliable and experienced team at Commission Factory help foster a smooth partnership through their strengths in introducing us to a wide range of advertisers that we can work with and managing client relationships; and the associated campaigns that come with these formed partnerships. They also assist with tracking our performance and provide us with thorough data filled with insights on how to continue to grow each of our flourishing brand partnerships. 

4) What do you think is the biggest opportunity for ACM this year?

We're expecting digital audience growth across the network and in first-party data, plus the implementation of a new retail taxonomy. This new taxonomy will allow us to publish larger volumes of retail-based content across a broader category range. 


Commission Factory is not only the Asia-Pacific region's largest affiliate platform, working with more than 900 of the world's biggest brands, it is also a performance marketing platform that allows affiliates, partners and content creators to earn money and online businesses to increase sales.

Connect with the Commission Factory team to learn more about how we help brands and partners build and grow their affiliate marketing strategies.  

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