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Feb 16, 2022 · 5 min read

Malaysian Market Insight Report

Malaysia is a melting pot of ideals, where cultural diversity translates directly into the online ecosystem. Dig deeper into the nuances of consumer purchase behaviour and discover how your business can succeed in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

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Over the years, Malaysia has been steadily gaining the attention of prominent international brands. Because of its high number of digital users, robust eCommerce ecosystem, and frequent sales periods, brands are seizing the opportunity to boost their revenue by venturing into the Malaysian market.  

But the success of this venture is strongly dependent on brands’ knowledge of the Malaysian market.  

Malaysia is a country of great diversity and paradoxes. It consists of a high number of urban digital natives but an even higher number of rural consumers. Although Malaysians have adopted many global influences over the years, local values and norms remain highly prominent in the Malaysian way of life.  

This is compounded by the fact that Malaysia is highly diverse, with each race having its own set of cultural norms and sensitivities. So how does a brand make its mark on a country so complex?   

Commission Factory’s latest whitepaper aims to shed some light on this question and more. The Malaysian Market Insight report will look into Malaysia’s rapidly growing eCommerce market, along with the affiliate and partnership landscape in Malaysia.  

This report is specially designed for eCommerce retailers that want a snapshot of the Malaysian market. It is also suitable for brands wanting to venture inside the Malaysian market and those that are currently operating in the market itself.  

Commission Factory has compiled information from many quantitative and qualitative data resources in developing this report. The report’s key focus is on how Malaysian consumers shop, their key drivers, and the future growth opportunities for brands in this market.  

The Malaysia Market Insight report is now available for download on Commission Factory’s website.  

Download the Malaysia Market Insight Report

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