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Nov 23, 2020 · 6 min read

Kelkoo Launch in Australia and Southeast Asia

In Publisher Spotlight, we speak to Kelkoo about their roll out into Australia and Southeast Asia, opportunities for advertisers and their plans for 2021.

Kelkoo launches in Australia with Commission Factory

We are excited to announce Commission Factory and Awin’s partnership with Kelkoo Group as it takes on Australia and Southeast Asia. We spoke to Paul Lyonette, Commercial Director at Kelkoo Group, to find out more. 

Can you tell us about Kelkoo Group and what you do?

Operating in 41 countries worldwide and with 20 years’ experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and consumer analysis, Kelkoo Group is the leading European e-commerce marketing platform and Google’s first Premium CSS Partner. We offer traffic acquisition solutions that deliver highly converting traffic to advertisers as well as monetisation solutions to publishers.

We own various price comparison sites (in Australia, we are live with Kelkoo.com.au), and we have built a network of 2,700 premium publishers, including well-known brands such as Yahoo and Bing. We position our clients’ products in Shopping Ads on Bing’s search pages and give them an advantage in the auction as well as a premium consultancy through to our in-house teams of experts.

Our experience has enabled us to build a strong shopping network in 41 countries and create insightful e-commerce data analysis. Our expertise means we can develop the most highly performing solutions for our advertisers consistently. We aim to provide the highest industry standards with our proprietary tools and unique datasets.

Today, our 12,000 e-advertisers are our trusted partners, and that’s a result of the quality of our services.

As a leading technology platform, what is your vision?

The key for us is fulfilling the ‘retailer need’. If we are able to meet retailers’ needs, business objectives and goals, that is a win-win for everyone. Providing traffic, qualified sales and new customers to online retailers is our focus.

Can you tell us more about the products you offer retailers and how they work?

In Australia we are going to be present with our Performance product.

With the “Performance” solution, we use purchase intent data and algorithm-driven technology to place our advertisers’ products on a network that reaches millions of consumers. With this network of owned/operated price comparison sites and Search, Bing PLA, Deal News and Content sites, Kelkoo Group selects the best traffic mix according to each advertiser’s requirements and to suit performance needs, driving more quality e-commerce leads to online shops. We provide campaign optimisation algorithms for our customers, keeping their goals in mind while providing a 360° view on all traffic sources. Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, combined with our unique datasets, enable us to enrich their campaigns and deliver high quality predictions. Our long-term clients make better choices thanks to our solutions.

Why did you decide to expand into Australia and South East Asia in 2020?

The interest in cross border retail is increasing all the time. We already help European retailers go to the U.S and the other way round. We can replicate that same process by helping international retailers to go to Australia and vice versa.

Australia and Southeast Asia are vibrant e-commerce environments and have been the missing pieces of the global jigsaw. Now we have a truly global footprint which makes us the leading marketing platform.

What are your objectives for this expansion strategy?

The main objective is to set up local partnerships and replicate our highly successful European model. This step will help to identify resources and investment required for the longer-term in the area.

What are you expecting from these markets and their consumers?

As we said, we came to this area because the e-commerce industry continues to grow, and we expect this growth to continue over the next few years. We also think local players will be willing to know more about us and our experience in Europe. We believe that a mutual exchange of knowledge all over the world will allow individual companies to be improve and assist with growth.

Are you expecting to face any challenges in these markets?

In the past few years, we have launched in a number of new countries, and we know by experience that every market has its own specificities. The main challenge will be to understand what these are for these specific markets. We want to gain advertisers’ trust because we can all benefit from being in a partnership.

What role are Commission Factory and Awin playing in your expansion strategy?

Awin in is a key partner for us in Europe, and we would love to expand the relationship in the new territories where we have launched. Together we work with close to 1,000 retailers and we have generated half a million sales for them this year so far (Jan-Oct 2020). With the support of the Commission Factory and Awin team, we are poised to replicate the success we are already seeing with Awin, gain insights into the market through the partnership and be able to scale and learn together.

What are your plans after the launch in Australia and Southeast Asia?

Our plan is to see our business grow during 2021 in terms of the advertiser base and to acquire new local premium quality publishers. If this growth happens, there could be potential to open an office in the area and manage local businesses from there.

For advertisers joined to the network, get started with Kelkoo by inviting them through the Commission Factory dashboard.  For advertisers looking to join the network, click the below.   Become an Advertiser

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