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May 24, 2023 · 10 min read

How Affiliates Can Generate Additional Sales and Scale Partnerships

Discover the benefits of using the Placement Marketplace as an affiliate. Generate additional sales, increase exposure, and stand out from the competition. Get tips on making the most of the marketplace and find out how to get started. 

From timetotime, plans fall through and there can be pressure to find alternative arrangements for pre-budgeted campaigns. Additionally, relationships sometimes require a spark to reignite engagement.

That is why Commission Factory has built a tool that allows for ultimate flexibility, whether that is negotiating a pre-determined CPA increase or agreeing on a fixed fee, the system can handle multiple requirements that meet unique circumstances. The Placement Marketplace is the perfect solution for promoting a new deal to fill the gap, or rebuilding engagement between partners. 

Built as a visually engaging marketplace with a focus on UX, the Placement Marketplace is designed to give affiliates the opportunity to showcase and engage advertisers simply and effectively. 

The Benefits of Using the Placement Marketplace for Affiliates 

  • Generate additional sales to meet or exceed revenue targets
  • Discover hidden (yet easy to win) revenue 
  • Increase placement exposure in a simple, yet engaging manner
  • Scale existing advertiser relationships easily
  • Easy management of placements through a centralised hub 
  • Stand out from the competition 
  • Full control over partnership marketing opportunities and strategy

2. Opp Marketplace

Five Tips on How to Make the Most of The Placement Marketplace as an Affiliate 

1. Exposure is Everything

 Affiliates should keep their options open and publish placement opportunities program-wide (unless the opportunity calls for a more targeted group). For affiliates who are not yet using the Placement Marketplace, this guide demonstrates how to get started. 

2. The Devil is in the Detail 

When posting a placement, affiliates should provide as much information as possible. They should clearly communicate any additional information within the placement description and ensure that the creative requirements are clear. 

3. Plan, Plan, Plan 

Adding in placements ahead of time allows affiliates to plan campaigns and their month, quarter, or year in advance, saving time and stress, especially during peak season. Advertisers will also be looking at placements ahead of time for the same reasons, meaning those affiliates who plan ahead will be more likely to lock in advertisers. It's a win-win. 

4. Responsiveness to Applications 

Affiliates should set up email notifications to monitor applications and approve and decline these on a regular basis. This will build trust and reduce the amount of back-and-forth that may occur if an application remains pending for an extended period. This allows advertisers to know where they stand and action any final creative requirements ahead of time. 

5. Reach Out

Affiliates should take advantage of the message centre and curate a list of placements that they think advertisers will be interested in and send out an EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) program-wide.    

Set up for Success 

Commission Factory’s goal is to power partnerships with The Placement Marketplace by providing additional revenue streams and automating existing business processes. 

How to get started

Login to your account and click on the "Marketplace" tab and select the "Placements" > "Directory".  For more information please visit our Help Centre, watch the how-to videos below or contact your account manager. 

If you would like to learn more about working with Commission Factory find out more here.

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