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Jun 11 · 5 min read

From Obstacles to Opportunities: How Johnson Fitness Revamped Their Affiliate Program

Identifying untapped opportunities for sustainable affiliate program growth, Johnson Fitness turned to Commission Factory's Recruitment Package to enhance and rebuild their affiliate program. This strategic move led to significant increases across all program performance metrics and marked a successful turnaround.



Johnson Fitness have been a partner on Commission Factory since 2020 and specialise in award-winning fitness equipment for both commercial and home use. Being in the fitness industry for 45+ years, they have grown tremendously and have expanded globally, with their digital e-commerce strategy evolving impressively as a result too.


Opportunities for Improvement

In early Q2 2022, Johnson Fitness' affiliate program began to experience a decline in key performance metrics due to changes made internally which led to limited resources. Therefore, the opportunity emerged to rebuild their affiliate program by addressing the following areas:

  • A higher number of pending affiliate applications.
  • Limited creative assets for affiliates to use and update regularly.
  • Slower affiliate engagement and interaction.
  • Limited optimisation and collaboration with top-performing affiliates.
  • Reduced recruitment and onboarding of new affiliate partners.



Recognising the above areas of opportunity and improvement, the below focus areas to rebuild program growth were pin-pointed:

  • Reactivate transaction-active and click-active affiliates.
  • Actively recruit new affiliates with the right fit to the Johnson Fitness program.
  • Optimise engagement with key performing affiliates.
  • Boost performance metrics including clicks and sales conversions.
  • Ongoing promotional communication.

Strategy and Implementation

In 2023, Johnson Fitness decided to put its objectives to work and opted into Commission Factory's Recruitment Package, which included:

  • Activating and Approving Affiliates: 51 out of 218 pending applications were activated and approved.
  • Optimising Engagement: Enhanced engagement with 6 key performing affiliates throughout the second half of the year.
  • Booking Placements: 19 placements for Q3 and Q4 were booked, including featured placements, key campaign periods, and side banner ads, in exchange for commission (CPA) increases.
  • Generating Exclusive Codes: 3 exclusive codes for affiliates were created, giving these affiliates the opportunity to promote offers unique to them. 



During the Recruitment Package (10th August - 7th September 2023):

  • Revenue: Increased by 380%
  • Transactions: Increased by 300%
  • Average Order Value (AOV):
    • Before (12th July – 9th August): $1,149.00
    • During: $1,366.31 (up by 19%)

Post Recruitment Package (Q4 Performance):

  • Revenue: Increased by 316%
  • Transactions: Increased by 315%
  • AOV:
    • Q3 (1st July – 30th September): $1,322.29
    • Q4 (1st October – 31st December): $1,324.08 (up by 0.15%)



Commission Factory's Recruitment Package provides long-term benefits, not only during the active period but also by securing future opportunities. Despite initial program management challenges, the package successfully rebuilt Johnson Fitness' affiliate program, demonstrating significant ongoing improvements in revenue, transactions, and AOV.

"Thank you so much for doing great work for Johnson. We are happy with the result of the recruitment package."  - Rhen Dulay (e‑Commerce Coordinator, Johnson Fitness)

If you would like to partner with Johnson Fitness via Commission Factory, you can apply to be an affiliate on their program here.

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