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Oct 13, 2021 · 4 min read

Cost Effective Revenue Increases Through Cashback

A high-end fashion brand partnered with Cashrewards to drive increased revenue whilst maintaining a steady ROAS during a highly competitive time of the year.

Case study Template


A high-end fashion retailer wanted to achieve a significant cost-effective revenue increase over their affiliate programme’s peak trading period in Q4 2020. The retailer was keen to maintain its consistently strong average order value (AOV) despite discounting intermittently throughout November and December. 


  • Increase sales revenue for Q4
  • Maintain year to date program ROAS
  • Maintain year to date program AOV


Cashback was identified as a partner type to invest in to achieve their goals. The retailer decided to run a bronze exposure package with Cashrewards across eight key shopping events throughout Q4, for the first time since the program launched.

The package included placements across their Featured Offers section, eDMS, and landing pages, all on a CPA increase only.

During the campaign, Cashrewards maintained the strong pre-Q4 AOV across seven out of the eight campaigns. It also met the high-end fashion brand's ROAS target across all but one campaign, ensuring that it remained competitive during a peak time of the year.

Cashrewards funded an increased customer cashback offer for the package's final event as a value add.


During the campaign, Cashrewards exceeded the strong AOV across seven out of the eight campaignsBesides that, it also met the high-end fashion brand's ROAS target across all but one campaign, ensuring that it remained competitive during a peak time of the year.

  • Revenue peaked on Black Friday with +3,800% uplift in sales revenue for the comparative period month on month and +87% uplift quarter on quarter
  • Cashrewards made up 22% of total sales on the retailer’s program during Black Friday/Cyber weekend.
  • All events but one maintained the pre Q4 program AOV
  • Average AOV was increased by +$10 across the program during the campaign
  • AOV peaked on the Click and Collect event at +36% above the program average for the time
  • Despite the deep discounting, ROAS remained at or above program average for all but two events out of the full eight

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