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Oct 4, 2022 · 3 min read

Commission Rules Testing: How Can this Feature Benefit Affiliates?

Affiliates can now test how much potential commission they can earn, based on unique purchasing circumstances. Find out how to effectively use this tool to build trust, develop a strategy and maximise commission potential in the long term.

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When working with advertisers, affiliates want to be confident that their rates will be set up on time and pay out the correct commission for every transaction. To build this trust between partners, Commission Factory recently released a testing commission rules feature that gives affiliates transparency into how their commissions are set up. Affiliates can continue promoting an advertiser without concern of not receiving the correct pay out.

What is the newest feature?

Affiliates can now determine how much commission they will receive based on the parameters and values of their choosing – before it happens in the real world.

Where can it be accessed?

Affiliates can access this feature by logging into their account on Commission Factory and going to Account Settings > Commissions. For full details on how to use this feature check out our Help Centre article here.

How is this beneficial?

Find out how much you can earn ahead of time

    • It allows affiliates to test that the commission rates are set up correctly, prior to going live.
    • Affiliates can check if the commission rates align with the correct parameters e.g., 10% for new customer and 5% for existing.

Determine the most effective strategy

  • With greater transparency into how advertisers are rewarding activity, affiliates can strategically plan how to meet revenue goals

Save time and effort

  • Reduces time spent checking the platform for rates, as affiliates can now review rates for multiple brands quickly and efficiently in one place

When would this be used?  

This tool can be used anytime an affiliate wishes to test and confirm what commission rules will be applied on certain transactions. By testing commission rules, affiliates can have peace of mind knowing what amounts they can expect to receive on transactions.

Affiliates can select from a wide range of commission rule parameters and values such as new customer, coupon, category, SKU, and more.

To find out more about commissions and more visit here.

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