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Aug 16, 2021 · 6 min read

Advertiser Spotlight: My Pet Warehouse

My Pet Warehouse tells us how 2020 was a transformative year for them and how it changed their omnichannel strategy.

Advertiser Spotlight My Pet Warehouse

Could you tell us about My Pet Warehouse and some of the services that set you apart from other Pet retailers?  

My Pet Warehouse is one of Australia's largest pet retailers. We have 11 locations nationwide, and our online store is hugely popular for customers looking for convenience. With Same Day Delivery, Click and Collect and a new Repeat Delivery option that allows customers to set up recurring deliveries of their pets' favourite food (at the best price), we're all about adding convenience for shoppers.  

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2020 was a transformative year for the business, which saw a change in omnichannel strategy and a challenging retail market. How did My Pet Warehouse pivot from its previous approach to face this very different retail environment?  

From our inception, it was apparent that we needed to adopt an omnichannel approach to dealing with customers. At the time, many of our competitors went the route of offering different pricing to online and in-store customers. We differed in our approach by only offering a single price, our best price, regardless of where you shopped. Fast forward to today, and it's easy to understand why omnichannel has been a focus for businesses that have lagged previously.  

What role did Commission Factory play in My Pet Warehouse's new strategy?   

Working with Commission Factory has always been a win for us, even more so during an unpredictable year. We've collaborated with some strong publishers and put our brand on the map through channels we previously haven't invested in. It's helped us acquire additional customers and get involved with popular loyalty and content publishers. 

Can you talk about some of the key publisher partnerships in 2020?    

We wanted to open the door to more customers in the pet market who may not have considered shopping with us previously. Before 2020, we would typically collaborate with pet or lifestyle blogs and content-based publishers. We have now found that using a balanced mix of loyalty and cashback programs through our publisher network was great to get that extra exposure. We worked closely with Commission Factory to present some lucrative offers for shoppers that helped us stand out from the rest.  

What does success look like for My Pet Warehouse?  

As our brand grows, we define success with new customer acquisition. With so much competition in the pet space, we want to give customers the most attractive offers, along with exceptional convenience and a stand-out shopping experience.  

What are your key goals and areas of focus in 2021?  

In 2021 we prepare to grow the My Pet Warehouse brand even more. We're working together with our suppliers to bring customers fantastic new product ranges – along with some online exclusives. Our goal is to partner with even more publishers who want to give their audience some unique content opportunities. We also plan to continue developing our existing partnerships in the loyalty space. 

If you would like to join the My Pet Warehouse program, feel free to reach out to the publisher development team or sign up as an affiliate.  

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